Success Is Hard Work.

Absolute Success Is Luck. Relative Success Is Hard Work.

It is difficult to deny the significance of luck, randomness, as well as good fortune in life. But there are still various cases of individuals finding success with apparently no luck. We have heard the story of an athlete who leaves his impoverished neighborhood to play in a proficient sports league or the immigrant who brings his family to a foreign country as well as makes a successful new life.

These stories are ideal examples of how significant hard work, diligence, persistence, and drive can be in reaching success and overcoming life’s dealings of the wrong hand. You cannot dismiss the success of this group as luck since it takes effort to overcome bad circumstances.

What Determines Success?

Therefore, what determines success? Effort and Hard work or Good fortune as well as chance? They all are important factors, but the answer is that each contributes to various types of success. Effort matters more in relative success and Luck matters more in absolute success. learn more about productive hacks at

Absolute Success

Today absolute success is how successful people are likened to everybody else in the world. Individuals at this level are among the best on Earth in a certain domain. Come up with globally successful people such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg. So, Absolute success is distinguishable from luck at this level: the more ultimate the success, the more luck was involved. learn more about Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Mark Zuckerberg by clicking here

Relative Success

Relative success is how successful you are likened to those with circumstances similar to yours. Circumstances include the social class you were born into, the level of education you received, and so on. If somebody with similar circumstances as you achieves an advanced level of success, the difference is habits, hard work, as well as choices, not luck.

Now we understand that success at this level is in your hands, not an absolute success, but relative success. This means wherever you begin in life, you have to be able to get to an upper place. You won’t be on top of the world, but you can be better than where you are right now with effort.

Effort and Luck with Time

Let’s put time and success on a graph. Time is the X-axis and Success is the Y-axis. We are randomly placed somewhere on the Y-axis when we are born. This signifies the circumstances mentioned above. The more fortunate you are, the upper up on the Y axis you will be placed.

We can just control our slope in life, not our starting position. So no matter whether I was born into the Bezos family or a poor family, I control whether my success increases or decreases with effort as well as good decisions. The more time that passes since the beginning of a race, the less advantage others have mattered.


Constancy is not only vital in overwhelming bad luck; it is also vital to capitalize on good luck. Bill Gates could have been very lucky to begin Microsoft at the right time, however, the chance would have been lost without periods of hard work.


Considering that success is based on luck is an extremely discouraging idea. It deprives us of a sense of objectivity since how far we can take our thoughts is out of our hands. But we are happy to report with this information that it is not real. Astronomical success is based on luck, but it’s up to us to be better than our starting point.

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